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Sell CVV good&fresh/DUMPS/PAYPAL/SHIP/DO tfWU all country

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Sell CVV good&fresh/DUMPS/PAYPAL/SHIP/DO tfWU all country

Post  siri_cc on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:03 pm

Hello ! Welcome here
I'm a employee of WU office at Viet Nam
Also I'm a good hacker, seller
While work at WU office, I know more about mechanism of WU transfer
so I develope a Software WU bug new version can connect to server centre of WU in USA
and can make a transfer on a database to create a MTCN and full details to pick up
All very safe, and know I'm a rich man, so I will sell it or to do transfer for who want to make rich !

Yahoo ID: siri_cc

Now I talk to Transfer WU and give a simple price like as these :
I transfer for percent, it means if u want transfer u must pay first percent for me
and then I to do transfer for u
Because I seen more scammer more time ago
I take from 20-30% depend amount u want
30% for a small amount
and 20% for a big amount

With software developed by me :
-WU bug software fullpackage (wutransferbug.exe and some files need for install + user/password + lisence 1 year) = 1500$

Everyday only attack about 5 times, no more ...and 1 times maybe transfer till 8000$

All understand what me say ?
Who not trust me, I don't need talk
And I never transfer first for whoever
Don't tell me about partner or poor or anything about got ripper ....

Now I talk to CVV (Credit Cards), I'm sell CVV long time and see more buyer need it
I learned IT in 6 years and I know about attack website, local host or more things
so I have some shop with more 5 million orders
And i give price list like these, I've reference price on more forum hacker

- US cc = 3$ (VISA/MASTER)
- US cc = 5$ (AMEX/DISCOVER)
- UK cc = 10$ (VISA/MASTER)
- UK cc = 60$ (AMEX)
- AU cc = 12$ (VISA/MASTER)
- AU cc = 50$ (AMEX)
- CA cc = 10$ (VISA/MASTER)
- CA cc = 20$ (AMEX)
- EU cc = 30$ (VISA/MASTER)
- EU cc = 60$ (AMEX)
- INTER cc = 30$ (VISA/MASTER)

Also I sell CVV with Bin, Dob or Fullz if u real need it !
And I see u tell my price is high about Amex UK or AU or EU
I just talk it rarely and on that Amex cards, high balance and no have security
More buyer of me, just buy 1 Amex cards UK but can use until 64000$ ...Wonderful !

Contact me :
Yahoo ID: siri_cc
Mail: (maybe can talk at live messenger)
or PIN BBM(Blackberry Messenger) : 2A94BC0C

Now I talk to Dumps Track 1&2 (101)(201), only sell good dumps with high balance and good price !
Talk to here, I see more customer not know What Dumps Track 1&2 ?
Track is a CVV has a magnetic stripe that contains the raw data

Example like that :



And now , no more understand about what this ?

to talk simple just who used more track to know it:


4888603170607238 : this is a credit cards number
Head/Potato : First name/Last name
and 6 digits first of 050510100000000001203191805191000000
0505101: (cc_expdate/servicecode)----(MMYYservicecode)
service code here is have 2 type : 101 and 201
And in track 2 have a number 05051011203191805191 , so see here 191 of last digits is cvv2
I just sell 2 types

Now I give a price like this :

- US good Dumps Track 1&2 (101)(201) :
+ Classic/standart = 30$
+ Gold/premium/platinum = 50$
+ Corporate/business/world = 70$

- EU good Dumps Track 1&2 (101)(201) :
+ Classic/standart = 50$
+ Gold/premium/platinum = 100$

Also I sell good Dumps with PIN atm for cash out or creat plastic cards!

Contact me :
Yahoo ID: siri_cc

dumps with pin, good dumps, sell cvv, track 1&2, transfer wu


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