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We offer you a new, high-quality installs service

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We offer you a new, high-quality installs service

Post  lu50 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:20 pm

We offer you a new, high-quality installs service. Our service offers you unique clean installs, with the option of selecting individual countries. The selection price will depend on the guiding prices for each separate country. At the same time, there are no setups. You can run a small test of 20-50 items to check your software for an individual country or a 50-100 Mix (free); however, this option is offered on a one-time basis and only to a new customer. We are pleased to introduce you a brand new service. We sell unique loads from different countries. If you are determined to be a regular customer - we are ready to give you a discount. The more you buy- the less you pay! .

Fullz Come With This Info:

First name, Last name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone, SSN, Mother's Maiden Name, DOB,
Driver's License # and state, Email pass , Verified by visa pass, Card number, Expiry Date, CVV2,
Employment, Position Held
Bank pass, number, name, account number and Routing Number and other infoz.
cc fullz info us = $20
cc full info uk & eu & asia = $30

Original Card Dumps For Sale:

Verified dealers, vendors and sellers only. Get card dumps from the first hand.

First hand tracks for sale
My databases are updated 3 times a week. Check it out now!

My Dumps Price List :
Usa Dumps 30$
Usa Dumps Gold 70$
Usa Dumps Pilatimun 80$

My Uk Dumps List :
Uk Dumps 40$
Uk Dumps Pilatimun 80$
Uk Dumps Gold 60$

My Germany Dumps List :
Germany Dumps 50$
Germany Dumps Pilatimun 75$
Germany Dumps Gold 65$

My European Dumps List :
Europe Dumps 50$
Europe Dumps Pilatimun 80$
Europe Dumps Gold 75$

We are hackers and here to help not to make money, we only charge because of the cost,time and effort involved in the services and products we offer.By using our service you will find out an individual approach to the client, the
big spectrum of the countries and the excellent quality. The small test as agreed is possible.
We have flexible prices, in case of purchase of a great volume of installs the individual conditions are possible.
And We Have Good Service For Bank Transfer For You .
And Our Service Is Very Fast And Safe And immediate .

Good Logins :

We Have Good And Fresh And Work Login For You.

Yahoo Id: yienyug

Yahoo: yienyug

Icq: 594038328


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