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Pet Society Level Hack From CheaterCard

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Pet Society Level Hack From CheaterCard

Post  JpSeNa021 on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:05 pm

Coin Hack sa Pet Society.

Tools needed:
Flash Player 10 -

Mozilla Firefox -
Cheat Engine 5.5 -

Pet Society Level Hack (No Need for Code Generator)

Pet Society users are getting crazy about Level Hack by Patiniox but after the code generator was down it is hard for now to Hack your Paw Points well not really Watch and follow the instructions after the jump for you to hack Paw points without using any code generator.

Steps you need to do:

1. Open Pet Society.
2. Get the ball from your chess, and play for it atleast 3 times.
3. Now open Cheat Engine.
4. Scan Your Browser.
5. Check the Hex Box, Choose 8 Bytes and Check Also Scan Read-only Memory
6. Put 544F8BD18B01C083 on HEX
7. Click First Scan.
8. 2 Results will come up, Right click on the second code.
9. Choose Disassemble This Memory Region.
10. Memory Viewer will pop up. Right click on its first result.
11. Choose Change Register at this Location. Click Yes.
12. Check the EAX Box and put 01000000.
13. Go back to your Pet Society and play the ball.
14. Thats it! Enjoy your Level 47 Ranking.

Note: If for some reason Mayor is appearing. Try to use google chrome as browser.


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